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Welcome to Our Journey for Justice

Support Darren on his Journey for Justice through the courts for and on behalf of the men & women of the Commonwealth of Australia, regarding the alleged fraudulent actions within the 2022 Australian Federal Election. 


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Thank you for joining the journey and welcome aboard.

Darren's recorded journey to bring about Constitutional Justice for all living Men and Women of Australia

Including Interviews with Derek Balogh and Carl Leibold(Voice of Freedom)

State Writs for the Senate 2022

Vic Writ

NSW Writ

WA Writ

SA Writ

Tas Writ

QLD Writ

Just note that every one of these Writs is completely  different to the others, many inconsistencies. Should we ask why?? We think every man and woman in Australia deserves an explanation. Bearing in mind these weren't uploaded to the AEC website until late Friday the 20th!

"Official Version"

The Death of the Andrews Government

Open PDF for details

Our Journey for Justice

Video 1 : This is a spiritual and motivational speech reminding you of the power within. 

-This is not our own work and we are not claiming copyright. All copyright belongs to those in the video and the original creator-

Vidoe 2: Should you need more inspiration,,

The Ethos of the Lion Heart. Spiritual growth and motivation

This is not our work and we are not claiming copyright. All copy right belongs those involved in the production of the video.

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