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Who runs the ATO

ASIC Response

Stop World Carlson/Vladimir Putin

Spike in Mysterious Deaths

Elite and Govco worker exemptions for the C19jab

Victorian Government exempt from taking C19 Jab

Pauline Hanson-pollies don't have to be jabbed

Supreme court ruling Vax unlawful

Total Banking Fraud

Bradfield Scheme

Are Drug Regulators sufficiently    Independent

Flouride Action Grp battle with EPA


Wind Energy Racket/Scam

UN nd WHO knew about 5G

Kyle Sanderlands- part of the Con/psyop to get people jabbed with C19 injection

Landmark Covid vax Injury Win

UN, Crop Life, CSIRO working o kill our farmers

Nmdaka Dalai Proclamation

Salvage Deed


Awakening Booklet


Cloud making

CIA-Admits to Chemtrails

Indoctrinaion of our Children in Schools

The psyop of Indoctrination. Apparently Pedophillia is a Sexual Orientation. We think NOT

Sovereign Country sold Out

BoE are lawful,by the AG

Grandmaother Lore Document

Silent Coup, how Corporation overthrew Democracy

Victorian Parliament not constitutional

Funding for Kids Palliative Care-Halved

The Story of the Dunkley Electorate ( Frankston Victoria) 2020/2024

Birchgrove Legal: refer PM Albanese to ICC

Australian Senate finally acknowledges need for Inquiry into Excess Deaths

Constitution Commission 1988

Private indemnity Bond

Earth Repair Charter

Video's of people across the World awakening to Gov't Corrupion

 Farmer Protests Erupt Across Europe Against Net Zero Agenda

Dramatic Scenes At EU Parliament | Fire & Tractor Barricades As Belgian Farmers Scale Up Protests

Farmers Revolt across Germany

British Farmers warn their Gov't

Aussie's doing it Tough in the Cost of Living crisis

Ireland Anti-Immigration Protest

French Farmers protests

Texas-Border Crisis-Unfettered Immigration

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