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Darren is a man who cares about family and community, with the energy to work for freedom and a fair future for us all.

Darren is standing up with you against corruption and blatant erosion of our rights as humans as we create better solutions.

Darren works in the building trade, and is proud to now work alongside his sons. He left school at 16 , started his working life as a carpenter and has been in the building trade since then.  Darren has built a life for his family after being kicked out of home when he was 16 years old and was homeless for 8 months.


Darren started his own business at 21 and at 22 bought his first home. Over the years he’s been very busy growing his window company and in his spare time developing property, playing sport and coaching his kids’ teams.

Darren has played sport consistently from the age of 8 till now at age 54. He’s been heavily involved in football, cricket, tennis, golf, fishing, motorbike riding, skydiving, 4WD in the high country and he’s also a strong chess player.

Who is Darren Bergwerf?

As a passionate person Darren throws his whole self into whatever he does: in his first year of skydiving he completed 200 jumps in one year. Darren is clear, determined and calls out lies and manipulation when he sees it. He will not be bought. People who know Darren respect his high energy, determination, passion and community  action.

In 2019 Darren and his daughter were working on turning the old Ritchies building on the Nepean Hwy Frankston into a mentoring and launch site for youth who were starting out their own businesses and trades. Covid and the lockdowns interrupted that temporarily, but Darren continues to now support a variety of businesses and community initiatives.

​For each primary vote Darren receives (so long as we get more than 4% of the Dunkley vote base) he will  be paid $3.29 by taxpayers. As a man who "walks his talk", Darren pledges the balance of the  amount he  that receives, will be donated directly back to providing local community initiatives , projects and not for profit Organisations, specifically for the Homeless. There is no reason people need to sleep on the street against their wishes, especially with winter coming.


Please click on the pdf below to veiw our Ballot flyer


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To consider helping us in our endeavors to bring back some authority to the People, Please donate towards our campaign for this By Election for the Seat of Dunkley

Acc name D. P. Bergwerf

Bendigo Bank

BSB:  633000

Acc:    192023067

Any donation is very much appreciated. Thankyou

Please join us in our questioning of our reality


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