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Local & National Policies



There are many vital improvements needed, and these listed are only the beginning of the work to make our country safe and viable, giving us all a free future.

Farming & Agriculture |
First Nations Agreement
| Unconstitutional Government | Tax Reform | Manufacturing And Local Infrastructure | Environment & Energy | National Security | Education


It's important that we work together with a Dunkley parliament member to make changes to solve problems in our community for all of us. These are all very necessary and achievable.

Homeless | Youth Development | Small Business | Funding Available for Train Line | Rates | Education | Local Manufacturing | Senior Community Groups | Family Law Courts

 Dunkley Key Local Policies & Solutions

Youth Development
Small Business
Local Manufacturing
Family Law
Local Infrastructure
First Nations


Look at empty buildings/ infrastructure and develop accommodation

We will look at homeless issues in each suburb, assess each township and focus on areas with highest priority. Look to use existing infrastructure where possible and/or build new facilities to give homeless people a safe place to stay with a post office box. Manage and assess persons individually and create programs to make them independent. This is not a one size fits all approach as there are many factors to this issue however engaging the community and starting with the basics is key to the first steps of giving everyone a fair go.

100% of all money raised from our campaign regardless of win or lose will be donated to supporting infrastructure for homeless.


Youth Development                

Non for profit - Mentor program to lead youth into employment and local sports

Working with local business, sporting clubs and institutions (Police, TAFE, Churches, Universities etc.) to assist and develop mentoring youth programs. The programs will work in tandem with other policies. The main goal to “Bridge the Gap”. Getting our youth out in the community to build people skills, work ethics and strong moral values. By engaging the youth of the community early in life will teach them to be independent as they move though their adult life.


Small Business                           

Incentive programs - Rate and land tax reduction to lower entry costs to get into the market

Reducing rates and lowering land tax will be one of the first incentives we will develop to help support small business and encourage small business to invest in the area. This would also work in tandem with youth development with further incentives being given to support youth development programs.


Funding available for train-line               

Link Mornington - Somerville - Baxter – Hasting – Crib point – Red Hill- Electric Option

The funding for this project has been sitting there for some time and there has been plans in place for over 92 years. We will be committed to getting this project off the ground and get it done.



Review of the current system. 50% Reduction for the next 3 years to assist small business and families.

Total review of the current system. Starting with a 50% reduction over the next 3-5 years. We are in a cycle of ever increasing rate hikes with very little tangible benefit within the community. We will evaluate current staffing levels within the system, streamline services and processes to find savings and optimal balance to deliver services and reduce costs.

Local Manufacturing                

Incentive programs to upgrade facilities

Combining our reduced rates to lower overhead costs and youth programs to deliver further skilled persons into the work force we will incorporate these policies and build on them with local manufacturers in the area to attract businesses in the area and build skills in these sectors.



Overhaul curriculum - total restructure

The current curriculum is not only influenced by parties with vested interests and financial incentives but is also outdated and in need of an overhaul. Costs are much too high and will need to be reduced to lower the ongoing burden on families and single parents. The world is far more complicated and the current curriculum does not give relative information to suit the complexities of today's society. We need to bring this up to speed. We will raise the wages for teachers and have ongoing training to keep teachers up to date in their field.


Senior Community Groups    

Create groups to support social activities and buddy systems for elderly

The last two years have contributed to further isolation of seniors from the community. We will actively incorporate our youth programs to engage with seniors. Our goal will be to create buddy systems and incorporate event calendars into local event along with funding for upgraded equipment and facilities.

We recognize that the elders built this country, and we will focus on ensuring that their retirement is as enjoyable as possible.

A Royal Commission into age care homes is also needed.


Family Law court                       

Mediation and remodel - Royal Commission

The current family law court does not serve the best interests of families. A Royal commission is needed. We will work to develop a fair and balanced system that will focus on mental health of all parties and remove the financial hardship from the system.


National Key Policies& Solutions


There are many vital improvements needed, and these listed are only the beginning of the work to make our country safe and viable.

Manufacturing And Local Infrastructure

Self-reliant – Efficient – Reduce links in the supply chain.

Our focus: For our nation to be self-reliant, aiming to redevelop Australian technology, manufacturing and infrastructure.  With national security being a major focus moving forward, we will review all utilities including communications, water, fuel and energy, removing private entities and bringing utilities back into Australian control. This plan should be strategically aligned with local areas based on resources and development plans, local infrastructure, and available technologies. This would reduce links in the supply chain, improve efficiency and lower costs.  

Farming & Agriculture

A fair go for all Australian Farmers. Strengthen Rural Communities – Investigate farming monopolies – No Water Trading.

Strengthen rural communities by retaining the youth in these regions by: building skills;  focusing on long term agriculture careers; empowering rural Australia to be self-reliant with long term investment strategies. Actively promote Australian produce and design a supply chain with national security as a key focus. Investigation into reducing monopolies and identify foreign/ corporate owned farming land, giving ownership back to Australian farmers, to keep money in rural areas. No water trading.


First Nations Agreement

Recognize Australian First Nations People – Confirm Agreement – Become a united community with original custodians.

We would like to ensure that Australia recognizes the first nations people and bring Australia together as one nation regardless of race. There is only one race, the human race. We believe the first nations people need to be recognized as the sovereign landowners. We will bring this to the forefront of the parliament and confirm an agreement to move forward, ensuring rights to the land and culture for all Australians together.


Unconstitutional Government

Remove Australia from all Corporate entities – Make a Legal Australian Constitution for ALL Australians.

It’s clear that Australia has been signed over to foreign entities without the knowledge of the Australian people, and without a referendum. We will identify who knowingly supported these decisions and hold them accountable. We will also take a measured approach to ensure that corporate entities can operate within Australia providing that they: uphold the Australian Constitution (1901) as the nation’s foundation; its lawful amendments; recognize the nation’s laws and system of national sovereignty acting as a Constitutional; and any future amendments assented to by the citizens of Australia via a Referendum in accordance with s128 of the Australian Constitution (1901).


Tax reform

Work closely with economists to incorporate a flat line tax of 20% in capital cities, 10% in rural areas, with long term goals to reduce income tax to 2% - Abolish GST – Abolish Stamp Duty.

We currently pay 30% income tax then continue to pay further taxes on other goods and services. We can restructure the tax system to keep the country running effectively. Eliminating capital gains, super, fringe benefits and stamp duty will enable citizens to keep money in their own pockets as well as encourage more spending.

Environment and Energy

Review National Energy Plan – Reduce links in the supply chain – Adapt new technologies and incorporate hybrid energy systems based on location.

Switching to renewables may not always be the cleanest way to produce power, so understanding the full supply chain footprint and lifecycle of these products will need a full review. Focus will be on basic supply chain issues by reducing links in the chain, creating efficiencies and adapting new technologies into the mix to create hybrid  energy systems that work for local areas and create jobs.

Supporting Information.

National Security

Work collaboratively with our international partners – Taking control of all utilities: Water, Power, Gas & Communications

Currently Australia’s major infrastructure has been overtaken by foreign investments. This is not for the benefit of all Australians and needs to be brought back under our control. These utilities could be run as not-for-profits, reducing costs and passing the benefits on to the end users.

Defence - Maintain an intimidating defence force:

Maintain a demonstrated capability to defend Australia and her interests independently through the application of full spectrum warfare, synchronized with diplomatic and economic measures. Maintain an operational level of military capacity which is capable of a sustained operational viability period in accordance with strategic warning.

Build and maintain the strategic manufacturing capabilities to support our forces in high tempo, high intensity and sustained operations.


Review and overhaul of education system.

The current curriculum is very outdated. We would work on programs that can be updated regularly based on new and emerging technologies, financial systems and laws. Good values and ethics to be at the forefront of early childhood teachings. Develop training programs for teenage years on how to live in the modern world, to ensure people have the best start as they move into their working careers.

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