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Why is Darren passionate about Dunkley

If you are fed up with Labour and Liberal, we ask that you consider donating towards the considerable cost of an Election Campaign.

Please Donate to below Bank Acc: Bendigo Bank

BSB: 633000

Acc: 192023067




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Just a few independents thinkers, together can influence the decisions of parliament.
With your help we can make history!
Together we will have many plans to help the Dunkley community, while we embark on an information awareness campaign 

I'm a business owner and operator in the CBD of Frankston and I have an interest in fixing local problems. I'm working with a team of focused volunteers in the community, towards a better Australia.

Why is it that both sides of Government can spend billions of dollars on Arts, when the cost of living is adversely affecting the primary family unit, often creating homelessness and certainly not helping those already homeless.  Local Homelessness and those unable to feed their families is a very big problem in Dunkley. This has seldom, if ever, been truly addressed in a comprehensive manner, by our current Council, let alone any sort of consideration from either Labour or Libreral, until, all of a sudden, they need your vote.


Why is it that Vic Roads funding is not being seen to be repairing our roads, which more directly affects Road-safety than Speed cameras, given the funding being received from fines, Tariffs,  Fuel excise, portion of Gst, Etc Etc.

I am a passionate, local, seriously concerned about the corruption of our government and systems.  Can we stand together as a Community, for the future of our children and grand children, so that they can have real freedom. Also, that they may be granted the same opportunities as previous generations. It is our inherent right to live our life in Peace under god's Natural Law. All independent thinkers and groups need to stop the silent attack on the Family Unit and Humanity in general.

I am a strong advocate of getting together with the first Nations People, without the interference of the corporate Government and/or Corporations in general. As our previous Corporate Governments of both affiliations, for decades have spent billions of Tax Payer monies, to the first Nations People, however it is yet to be proven that all funds have actually reached them, in all their varying communities.  The plight of the First Nations People has not been improved to the extent the Government is telling us. I believe that there should be a full scale investigation into all expenditure.

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To consider helping us in our endeavors to bring back some authority to the People, Please donate towards our campaign for this By Election for the Seat of Dunkley

Acc Name : Darren Bergwerf

Bank: Bendigo Bank

BSB:  633000

Acc:    192023067

Any donation is very much appreciated. Thankyou


Please join us in our questioning of our Reality

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Support Darren on his Journey for Justice, in running as an Independant Candidate for Dunkley in this By Election of 2024. Also, through the courts for and on behalf of the men and women of the Commonwealth of Australia, regarding the alleged fraudulent actions within the 2022 Australian Federal Election.

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